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Professor Mark Whiteley, Consultant Venous Surgeon,
The Whiteley Clinic and University of Surrey, UK.

Prof Mark Whiteley introduced endovenous surgery into the UK in March 1999 and then set up The Whiteley Clinic.

Through the Whiteley clinic, he has funded considerable research both clinically and at a basic science level through the University of Surrey, where he it is now a visiting professor.

He trained at St Bartholomew's Hospital in London and as an academic at the Nuffield Department of Surgery, University of Oxford.

Mark set up the College of Phlebology to be a mutually supportive group of doctors and scientists, all who are interested in veins.

He also set up the Leg Ulcer Charity to try and encourage healthcare professionals to cure ulcers rather than merely to temporarily heal them with dressings and compression.

Judy Holdstock, Vascular and General Sonographer

Judy Holdstock qualified in Radiography in 1984 and completed a post graduate qualification in Medical Ultrasound in 1989 while working in Durham.

In 1990, she became Chief Sonographer at the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Three years spent in Australia as Chief Sonographer at the Royal Hobart, Tasmania in the late 90s expanded her ultrasound skills into peripheral Vascular and Gynaecology.

On return to the UK Judy was appointed Superintendent Sonographer at the Royal Surrey County Hospital in Guildford where she met Mark Whiteley and quickly established a working relationship in diagnosis and minimally invasive therapy for varicose veins.

For the past 17 years, her major interests have been in advanced ultrasound diagnosis of complex venous patterns including transvaginal and abdominal scanning for pelvic congestion and ‘Nutcracker’ syndrome.

Enric Roche, Chief of Vascular Surgery Service at the Hospital Universitari Sagrat Cor and Hospital General de Cataluña, Associated Professor at Barcelona University, Surgery Department (Spain)

Enric Roche is a vascular surgeon and one of the Spanish promoters of minimally invasive treatments in phlebology. He has been a coach and proctor for some new technologies such as Trivex, endolaser, radiofrequency, mechanico-chemical ablation and foam sclerotherapy.

During 2007-2009, he was in charge of Clínicas Cabrera in Barcelona where microfoam sclerotherapy was the only treatment for all type of varicose veins or vascular  malformations.

In 2012, he founded the Clínica Vascular Barcelona as a multi-disciplinary private vascular centre.

Since April 2015, he has worked with seven surgical colleagues offering the most advanced technology in order to treat not only arterial pathologies but also the less invasive solutions for varicose veins or deep vein diseases. He is currently developing two patents in the vascular field.

Dr Jocelyn AS Brookes, Consultant Endovascular Radiologist - UCL Hospitals, London, UK

Jocelyn is a Consultant Endovascular Radiologist at University College Hospital and Royal Free Hospitals and Vascular Medical Lead at Harley St Clinic.

He trained at The Middlesex Hospital, London, and was appointed Consultant in 1998 after research in National Medical Laser Centre developing image-guided (US, CT and MRI) Thermal ablation techniques (ILP, RFA and cryotherapy) for liver, lung (first in world), osteoid osteoma and fibroid tumours.  He also conceived and developed foetal MR autopsy during this period.

He performed the first Endothermal Laser ablation of veins (EVLT) in the UK (2001) and established an independent London vascular and veins practice in 2003. He also established the Barbados vascular and veins practice 2008 and has been on the CIRSE Faculty for Varicose Veins Workshop since 2008. He became the Vascular Medical Lead at the Harley St Clinic in 2016.

Susan Ostler, Lead Nurse - The Whiteley Clinic

Susan leads a team of nursing staff covering all The Whiteley Clinic sites. She delivers consistent standards of service across the board.

She trained at The Royal Devon and Exeter and qualified in 1986.

Susan gained extensive experience in ophthalmology before moving to Surrey and joining The Whiteley Clinic in 2011.

For the past five years, Susan has been leading the nursing teams across the different clinic site and is the laser protection supervisor.

Her main interest has been developing the service treatment for leg ulcers.

Kasuo Miyake, Vascular Surgeon, Clinica Miyake, Sao Paolo, Brazil

Kasuo’s father, Hiroshi Miyake, was a renowned vascular surgeon that devoted his life to vein treatments.

Kasuo attened medical school, residency and PhD at University of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

His whole career he has focused on Aesthetic Phlebology and he states that his most important contributions were the invention of CLaCS (Cryo-Laser y Cryo-Sclerotherapy), the first research with VeinViewer in 2005 and Score 9-1 (a superficial vein classification based on Augmented Reality and Duplex Scan).