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1st International Veins Meeting

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The College of Phlebology is hosting its 1st International Veins Meeting in March next year in London. There are 3 streams in the event. The main auditorium is going to feature continuous live operating via video link, where delegates can ask questions directly to the people performing the procedures as they are being performed.

Live cases are going to include:

  • pelvic vein embolisation
  • endovenous thermoablation
  • endovenous non-thermal ablation
  • TRLOP closure of perforators
  • foam sclerotherapy, ambulatory phlebectomy, transvaginal duplex ultrasound, scanning for nut-cracker syndrome  

The second stream is going to focus on basic science, discussion groups, workshops and hands-on demonstrations of different techniques for diagnosing and treating veins.

Finally, the third stream is going to be run by The Leg Ulcer Charity. This stream is going to focus solely on venous leg ulcers, the diagnosis, treatment and prevention. New devices and techniques will be demonstrated and discussed.

The conference is going to be as interactive as possible, allowing delegates to get involved as such as possible in the procedures and science, with hands on work stations and live video links, to make the learning experience as rich as possible.

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